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Bills, Statements and the Security of Your Customer/Patient Information

Friday, February 8th, 2019

In today’s data driven environment, companies and their vendors are handling sensitive files that include personally identifiable information (PII).   What are printing and mailing companies doing to protect your information and mitigate your risks?

First and foremost, you want to partner with a vendor that recognizes and embraces the need to protect your data.  They must be committed to formal information security audits and certifications.  This helps companies demonstrate their commitment to improving and maintain strict guidelines and procedures to protect your valuable information.

The following are two of the most important audits your vendor partner should participate in to demonstrate their compliance:


What is HIPAA?   HIPAA is the acronym used for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act instituted in 1996. The act requires organizations that work with sensitive health-related information to adhere to national standards for code sets, unique identifiers, and data security. This act is in place to protect sensitive information (as related to health and identity) belonging to individuals.

How can your provider be HIPAA compliant?

Third party companies assess current data security and help make corrections to make the organization HIPAA compliant. It is a great way for non-medical industry organizations to show that they understand HIPAA regulations.

  1. Employee Training.

For handling documents with sensitive medical information, employee education is essential. HIPAA training and testing guarantee that staff know and understand the correct ways to handle sensitive information.

  1. Secure Facilities.

The facility must also be secure for printing, assembly, and the mailing of sensitive medical information. The facility must also put an emphasis on keeping passwords, network access, and electronic files safe and secure.


HITRUST CSF (Certification)

HITRUST CSF certification is a security and privacy framework.  It is a comprehensive, flexible and efficient approach to regulatory compliance and risk management.

Achieving this certification demonstrates a high level of due diligence and shows that you are doing everything you can do protect the data for which you are responsible. If you’re managing sensitive data, it’s critical to protect yourself from risk in order to maintain a strong relationship with your clients who are also trying to mitigate their risks. The HITRUST CSF is certifiable and attractive to covered entities because they know it’s a great way to measure, mitigate, and control risks.

Because the HITRUST CSF incorporates elements of other frameworks, it aligns itself nicely with the frameworks that different companies need.  HITRUST CSF was built on the primary principles of ISO 2700/27002 and has evolved to align with a growing number of standards, regulations and business requirements including HIPAA, COBIT, NIST, PCI, ISO, and more.

Unlike a SOC report, a HITRUST report comes with a certification. HITRUST is a much more detailed report with about five times the number of controls, incorporating requirements from the variety of standards (mentioned above) included within the HITRUST CSF framework.


We printed and mailed over 50 million documents with PII in the past year.  Our customers recognize our commitment to quality, accuracy and information security.   For more information about our programs and certifications, contact me at


S”Elect” Premier

Friday, June 1st, 2018

Once again the election season is upon us. We are getting ready to print and mail 10’s of thousands of letters and postcards for this year’s political races and we are helping candidates grab the attention of voters with their direct mailings.

Spreading awareness is of the utmost importance during your campaign cycle. By using direct mail you not only spread awareness but you educate your audience as well.

Below are some of the most popular and cost-effective sizes of political mailers that can help you spread your campaign messages.

The 8.5x 11 Postcard

This is the political standard. It is a great size that is clear and easy to read, and it stands out in the mailbox because of its size.

The 11×17.75 2 Fold to 11 x 6

This size is great if you are featuring a lot of detail on the inside and works well for both political and advocacy political mailers.

The 6 x 11 Postcard

This postcard is also a must. Like the 8.5 x 11 size this postcard also stands out in mailboxes because of its size and is also clear and easy to read and it’s less expensive to mail.

There are many other formats we use, but these are our top picks. We are always looking for new ways to help you stand out.

Let your imagination be your guide and s“Elect” Premier as your one-stop solution for all your campaigning needs this year.  Email us at for more information.

Better Data = Better Marketing

Thursday, December 28th, 2017

Duplicate contacts, misspelled names, missing address fields, and incorrect information are data mishaps that will throw a wrench in the works of your marketing and sales efforts. Your direct mailing campaign is only as effective as the data you collect and use.

Here are five tips to clean up the quality of your data:

  1. Remove Inconsistent Data Entries

There are tools to help you remove duplicate data. If you’ve never done a de-duplication before, you’ll also need to manually scan and edit your contacts.

This step will obviously take some time, but if you implement a company-wide data entry standard system and make a commitment to quality data, you will only have to do this once.

  • Use data validation tools that help you to determine the validity of your data, such as email verification tools. Google has resources to use to do this.
  • Use Excel’s functions to clean your data, Excel’s support pages have a wealth of knowledge to do this. Their guides will walk you through finding and replacing spelling errors, unintentional upper or lower case letters, fixing dates and times, and deduping.
  1. Verify All New Data

It’s important to always verify new data entries with existing databases. This can be done by using a three-point data check system to verify all new and updated data before it enters the central database. For example, these three points can be Name, Phone Number, and Email. You can do this by sorting your data by columns or doing a find search. By verifying data during data entry you not only keep lists current but you reduce adding duplicate contacts as well.

  1. Keep Your Data Fresh

All databases degrade over time. Some estimate that data degrades at an average of 5% or more each year. This is due to factors such as contacts changing email addresses, clients contacts dropping out of the picture or contacts moving on to different opportunities or moving locations.  To keep your data fresh remove all emails that have bounced or opted-out and update contact addresses when receiving your returned to sender direct mailings. Not only is this a good practice for keeping your data fresh, but it also helps keep you out of spam folders and lowers return to sender rates.

  1. Implement Consistent Data Entry

Ensure that all employees are aware of your company-wide data entry standards. By standardizing data entry company-wide, the databases will stay current and clean. When inputting each customer record make sure to have first and last names, mailing addresses, and email addresses in separate columns. That way, when you do the three-point check, contacts will be easy to find in your database.

  1. Organizing Column Fields

When organizing your data make sure that each column has an appropriate header and that addresses are broken up so that suites and floors all have their own column. For example:

123 ABC Road, 4th Floor should not look like this in one column

Address Address
123 ABC Road, 4th Floor (Wrong)
123 ABC Road                 (Wrong)

4th Floor

123 ABC Road                 (Correct) 4th Floor                         (Correct)

When in doubt double check with your printer to see how they would like your data separated for mail and variable processing. The cleaner the data the better. Also avoid adding carriage returns and unnecessary spacing to your lists, both of these can cause errors in mail processing and variable data processing, if there are extra spaces in areas of your data the spaces will show in the finished printed product as well. Remember your list will print exactly as processed. For example:

First Name Last Name
John Q.(space) Sample


The finished product will look like this:    John Q.     Sample

The highlighted section represents extra tailing spacing at the end of the first name when a list has extra spaces and is processed those spaces will appear when printed.

I hope that these five tips help you in your data cleansing endeavors and if you would like more information on how Premier can help you, please email us at

Written by Donna Moulton

Improve Marketing Results with Augmented Reality (AR)

Monday, October 9th, 2017

All marketers should be combining print with digital media to increase the customer’s overall interaction experience. Using Augmented Reality (AR) in your marketing is easier than ever before. Premier can easily add AR to your printed material so you can give your customers personal experiences that increase brand interaction and ROI’s across all channels and devices. Your customers can be taken to videos, special sites, order forms, additional content and more. We will work with your marketing team to combine multiple media channels for maximum impact and increased response rates.

Some Benefits of Augmented Reality

  • 5-10 times more scans and engagement compared to QR codes
  • Tell the story of your product or service in an interactive engaging manner
  • Improve response rate and tracking of direct marketing programs.

AR is great for:

  • Direct Mailing
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Solicitations
  • Posters & More

Real-time information: For printed promotional pieces add scan-able areas;

  • Links to actionable items like “Buy Now” options that hover over the selected item area of the printed piece.
  • Give customers a link to your social media
  • Take them to a page with more detailed information that wouldn’t easily fit in the print ad for example “Click to Save X%”
  • Let them enroll in an event such as a webinar
  • Link them to video content designed especially for the printed piece, that will generate interest and engage the user.

Try It Now: Download the free App ( Layar – Augmented Reality ) & place the scanner over the Premier Logo






For more information on how Premier can help you increase your marketing effectiveness with AR email us at

Premier Open House

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Trade Shows . . . Easy As 1, 2, 3

Monday, June 5th, 2017

Planning your next trade show? Here are 3 tips to make it a success:

Don’t Forget Promotions and Giveaways:

Trade show attendees love promotional products and they are a great way to give your brand more visibility. Some current crowd favorites include Keychain lights, power banks, USB Flash Drives, Pens, Water bottles and tote bags. For contest giveaways try t-shirts and hats, both are great for conversation starters for attendees. Our favorites are branded notepads (kept on desks for a long time!)

Make your booth interactive:

Try using touch screens at your next trade show, studies show that interactive booths draw a crowd and hold people’s attention longer. By strategically placing the interactive areas within your booth you will generate more foot traffic and create a better understanding of the product or service you are promoting. Try using iPad stands, they are a great way to display your product and utilize touch screen interaction!! People love that!

Make a Statement with your display:

Looking to order a display for your next trade show or event? We recommend one of our favorite displays – The 10ft pop-up podium display, full-color graphics, and iPad stands. It is portable and comes with LED backlights to make the display really pop. Everything you need for set up fits conveniently inside the podium which doubles as a carrying case for the entire display. This case will also fit in the backseat of a mid-sized car. The podium is equipped with two handles and wheels which make moving and carrying the display to and from locations a breeze. Inside the podium you will find the 10ft pop-up display and lighting elements, there are 4 removable shelves that can hold up to 15lbs, the countertop which comes in a variety of colors, a kick guard, and the podium wrap. What we love most about this display is the customized graphics printed in full color, the best part is that the backgrounds are interchangeable. So once you have the display you can order replacement backgrounds or an entirely different one. Set up is simple and easy and will turn heads at your next trade show. Below are photos of a recent pop-up display we made for a client of ours.




For more information contact us at

Direct Mail Marketing vs. Email Marketing

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017


It goes without saying that email is considered a powerful marketing channel. You can reach your target audience with timely cost effective messages quickly, but will your audience open your messages?

Let’s face it, take a look at your email inbox right now, how many of your messages are marketed emails, and how many of those email pieces have you actually opened? Studies show that most companies see average open rates that are below 20%.

Another study showed that 98% of people check their mail every day and that 77% of people sort through their physical mail as soon as they receive it.

Marketers worry that direct mailing pieces will go unread. The likelihood of a direct mailing piece being seen is higher than the likeliness of a targeted email campaign being opened. Mailboxes are tangible objects people have to check so your targeted direct mailing piece will be seen, but are they eye catching to the reader? and will it engage them? Mailing pieces should be variable printed and targeted for each consumer, which will make the mailing piece more personal. Direct mailings should also offer a promotion or discount that has a corresponding code that can track the success rate of the campaign.

Although email campaigns are inexpensive, efficient and can be tracked just as quickly as you can send them, they aren’t practical in the sense that companies are spamming everyone with email which makes it harder for messages to stand out against the clutter. At a minimum, marketers need to consider campaigns that include a combination of email and direct mail. This will provide maximum return on investment and trackable response data.

For more information on how Premier can help you make your printed pieces stand out, email us at

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

― Scott Adams

Fun Facts About the Power of Promotional Products

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

When trying to engage and capture a potential consumer’s attention, promotional products are a sure fire way to leave a lasting impression and make an impact. Did you know these fun facts about them?

  1. 8 in 10 consumers own at least 1 promo product. Some up to 10!
  2. 53% percent of these people use a promotional product at least once a week.
  1. Before receiving a promotional product, 55% of people had done business with the advertiser. After receiving a promotional product, 85% of people did business with the advertiser.
  2. With nearly six thousand impressions, bags generate more impressions than any other promotional product in the U.S.
  1. 31% percent of U.S. consumers own a promotional bag.
  2. At one-tenth of a cent, bags tie with writing instruments for the lowest cost per impression of any promotional product in the U.S.
  1. 91% of consumers have at least one promotional product in their kitchen, 74% have at least one in their workspace, 55% have at least one in their bedroom.
  2. Promotional products draw as many as 500 percent more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal letter alone.

For more information on how Premier can help you with promotional products, email us at Better yet, send us some examples of your current work and we will provide ideas for effective enhancements and redesign at no cost!

6 Steps to a Successful Show

Monday, October 24th, 2016


Getting ready for a trade show? It’s no secret that trade shows are expensive, but prepping for the show in advance can save you time and money. So here are 6 steps to follow when looking to make your next trade show a success.

  • Start Planning for your Show in Advance:

Not only should you look into booking your booth for the trade show in advance but you should also plan for all the printed items you will need for the show as well. If you are disorganized, you may incur additional costs. One instance where you might get penalized is if you forget to bring something and need to have it delivered to the show. You not only will have to pay for shipping and handling but the show may slap on hidden costs.

  • Figure out What You Need to Bring:

At some trade shows you are locked into what size booth you will be exhibiting from. So plan accordingly for how you would like to set up your display, what marketing material you will need and the promotional items you will want to bring. Are you looking to have banners and backdrops with your company’s logo printed on them arranged in your booth? What types of printed items were you looking to have in your booth? Some popular convention items include folded brochures or booklets which are completely customizable, did you need more business cards or were you looking to have new business cards printed for the convention? You can even have postcards printed and do either a postcard mailing or use them for quick facts and promotions at your booth. If you didn’t want to have pamphlets printed you can always have quick information sheets printed and gathered together in a company branded folder for convention attendees to grab before they walk away from your booth. Aside from the main set up of the booth dividers, a possible table and backdrop did you need a branded table runner? A table cloth is a great way to add pops of color and capture attendee’s attention with your company logo. Pop up signs are also a get way to showcase your company logo, key points, promotions or images you want to draw conventions attendees to. You could also add a company banner to the convention booth backdrop further spreading awareness of your companies’ brand. Next when getting ready for a trade show or convention another key way to have attendees remember your brand is with branded promotional items. There are thousands of promotional products and some of the most popular are USB drives, pens, stress balls, tote bags and water bottles. By choosing promotional products with longevity your brand will leave behind a long lasting impression with your booths attendees.

  • Focus on Sales:

When on the trade show floor, your main focus is attracting new leads who will turn into buyers to your booth. A trade show is a great place to network as well but sales should be a top priority. This the main reason why you are there, you can’t fake sales numbers. Compared to other forms of marketing you are more likely to obtain sales quicker at a trade show than anywhere else. Even if you do not make a sale here and there you are also gathering leads to potentially sell to in the future.

  • Know your Audience:

Not everyone that you come across at a trade show will be a prospect. Be prepared. Review previous sales data and make sure to review sales goals. Also make sure the show you exhibit in is where your target audience will be in attendance, but more on that in section 5. Next you will want to know the demographics and audience attending the show to make an informed decision as to if the audience is a part of your desired target market.

  • Choose the right Convention

In order to make your sales goals, you need to pick the right trade show. If you’re just starting out picking a show can be an overwhelming process. A few good tips to follow when picking a show are to check out the show’s history to see if many of the exhibitors returned the next year. If they did, then you can conclude the show produced the desired results. And lastly talk to other venders about their experiences with the show you are thinking about attending, if they agree that the show was effective at delivering on their promise then that most likely will be the show for you.

  • Generate the right leads

A key way to generate the right leads is to make sure your booth staff is trained to answer possible questions and record the visitor’s response and concerns if there are any. It is also helpful to rank your leads as you acquire them in 6 groups: “hot”, “warm”, “cold”, “ready to buy”, “need within six months”, and “possible future lead”. By doing this you can weed out the cold leads from your target market. After the trade show, you will want to send out your post-show mailings to reach the leads you gathered from the show to attack and or close sales.

By choosing a single source printing partner you can produce all the items you will need to make your next convention to make it a success. Here are ways Premier can help you succeed with you next trade show:

Trade Show Check list:

  • Pre Show Mailing
  • Signs, Banners
  • Collateral, Handouts
  • Promotional Materials
  • Post Show Mailings


For more information on how Premier can help email us at

Corporate Event Planning

Monday, October 10th, 2016

Corporate events have been ramping up everything from venues to décor to attendee engagement. Today’s corporations are looking for new and exciting products to keep guest attendees engaged during and after the event. Branded promotional products and printed communications have been a popular choice for building brand recognition for many years. Here is your quick guide on what you need.

When planning your event work, your printing partner will help you pick out paper choices for your invitations and related mailings. With so many options, choices could seem endless. Be different and use creative invitation folding styles to capture your attendee’s attention. Did you want an expandable invitation? A tri-fold or accordion fold? Not sure? Your print partner will be able to go over different folding styles that will work for you. Don’t forget to integrate creative finishing to make your piece different. Are you looking for a more elegant invitation? Try foil stamping, engraving or embossing? Letterpressing your copy is also a very nice touch if you are looking for a more classic style invitation. You can even customize your invitations with variable data specific to each of your attendees by addressing them with a personal message. Personalization is proven to be effective at grabbing and keeping the reader’s attention. Your print provider will also be able to take care of mailing so you have one less thing to worry about.

Looking for the complete package for your event? Add some branded name badges, business cards, folders, notepads and program booklets. These can be printed offset or digital with various finishings and binding options. Next, add coordinating banners and signs to catch your guest’s attention. Banner and signs are customizable and come in an array of different styles and finishing. Don’t forget about coordinating seating signs or placeholder cards for that added polished touch. To add some excitement to your event, try a customized printed photo op prop such as a mock social media news feed frame your guests can hold and stand behind or handheld printed logo props.

An example of a social media photo prop Premier created for a client.

You should wrap up your event with popular promo product gift bags. There are thousands of promotional products and some of the most popular are USB drives, pens, and electronic items. Try more tech items like selfie sticks, blue tooth speakers, power banks and headphones. Looking to hand out awards as well? Try customizable wall plaques, certificate frames, glass awards and pen sets. Picking promotional products provides lasting impressions and your guest will have a physical reminder of your event to take home or to the office.

By choosing a single source printing partner you can produce all the items needed to make your next event a success.

For more information on how Premier can help email us at

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