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Mary Wade Family

Monday, April 30th, 2018


Meet Jack Flaherty, Vice President of Sales for Premier. Recently Jack was interviewed by the Mary Wade Home. Jack’s history with the Mary Wade Home goes back longer than the 7 years that he has been working side by side with them on all their printing needs. His history with the Mary Wade Home goes back to his maternal grandparents and to when he himself lived on the same street as Mary Wade on Clinton Avenue with his parents.

Mary Wade’s mission is to provide high-quality medical care, social programs, and supervised residential services to those in need. The Mary Wade Home supports the New Haven Community with live in residents, day programs, and employment opportunities. They employ about 275 people and work with many vendors in the area, and Premier is one of them. Jack reconnected with the Mary Wade Home years ago when he met a rep at a convention in New Haven. The two spoke after the meeting and Jack shared his family’s story which you can hear all about in the above video. He met with David Hunter the President & CEO for a tour of the expanded buildings and facility along with the building and entrances his grandmother would have used when she worked for the Mary Wade Home. Recently Mary Wade reached out to Jack asking him if he would like to be interviewed for their video project on “How Mary Wade Continues to Support Families and Community” which was debuted at their Gala event.

Premier is proud to be with Jack supporting Mary Wade’s efforts and we value our relationship.

Premier Continues Expansion and Announces New Additions To The Sales Team

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Premier Continues Expansion and Announces New Additions To The Sales Team.

Robert Sternau – Rob joined Premier Graphics in July 2017 as Senior V.P. Business Development.

In his new position at Premier, Rob will be responsible for helping grow overall sales by developing sales and marketing initiatives, recruiting additional sales reps, and direct selling.

Rob has successfully managed sales and marketing departments for major metropolitan New York City area printers over the past 25 years.  Most recently, Rob has served as VP Sales for Hennegan – An RR Donnelley Company.  Additionally, he has served in sales and marketing leadership positions with Kay Printing in Clifton, NJ and Allied Printing in Manchester, CT.

He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Sarah Lawrence College and lives in Cold Spring, New York with his wife and son.

Bob Carr – Bob recently joined Premier as VP of Sales.

In his new position at Premier, Bob will be responsible for helping grow overall sales. Bob has two distinct areas that he works well in.  He loves coming up with creative solutions to difficult projects as well as helping clients get the best value from their print spend. He has been in the print industry for over 38 years and has worked at a ½ dozen printers over 30 plus years in NY/CT/ME and also owned a mid-sized printing company.

Most recently, Bob was a National Account Manager for Allied Printing and held sales roles at JS McCarthy and Thames Printing. Bob lives in Thomaston, CT with his wife Pam.


Mark Lee – Mark joined Premier in January 2018 with the goal of bringing new business relationships to Premier

In his new position at Premier, Mark will be responsible for helping grow overall sales and delivering targeted, personalized direct mail solutions to clients.

Mark’s background in print sales goes back 35 years.  He joined a very large printing company’s sales training program after graduating from Indiana University in 1982.  His first sales assignment was working on the JC Penney Catalogs, they were about 1,000 pages, with print runs over 10 million. No internet in 1983!

Most recently, Mark worked at RR Donnelly, and Bedwick and Jones Printing.

Mark is originally from a small-town in Indiana and he and his wife have lived in Fairfield, CT with their three children since 1995.

 Tom Meehan – Tom joined Premier in December 2017 as VP Solutions – Print & Mail Specialist.

In his new position at Premier, Tom will be responsible for helping grow overall sales by developing long-term business relationships.

Tom loves our new HP Inkjet Web Press and is excited about bringing high-speed variable color solutions to Premier’s clients.

Tom has worked in the printing industry since graduating from Northeastern University (winners of the 2018 Beanpot!).  Most recently, Tom worked in sales at Frye Communications and RR Donnelly. He lives in Orange CT with his wife JoAnn.


“We are excited about the potential that this group of talent brings to Premier” says Sean Huban, Premier’s Chief Revenue Officer.  “They have already hit the ground running and have recently added more than 25 new accounts”.

Based in Stratford, Premier is a single source provider of transactional and marketing communication solutions.

For more information contact us at

Better Data = Better Marketing

Thursday, December 28th, 2017

Duplicate contacts, misspelled names, missing address fields, and incorrect information are data mishaps that will throw a wrench in the works of your marketing and sales efforts. Your direct mailing campaign is only as effective as the data you collect and use.

Here are five tips to clean up the quality of your data:

  1. Remove Inconsistent Data Entries

There are tools to help you remove duplicate data. If you’ve never done a de-duplication before, you’ll also need to manually scan and edit your contacts.

This step will obviously take some time, but if you implement a company-wide data entry standard system and make a commitment to quality data, you will only have to do this once.

  • Use data validation tools that help you to determine the validity of your data, such as email verification tools. Google has resources to use to do this.
  • Use Excel’s functions to clean your data, Excel’s support pages have a wealth of knowledge to do this. Their guides will walk you through finding and replacing spelling errors, unintentional upper or lower case letters, fixing dates and times, and deduping.
  1. Verify All New Data

It’s important to always verify new data entries with existing databases. This can be done by using a three-point data check system to verify all new and updated data before it enters the central database. For example, these three points can be Name, Phone Number, and Email. You can do this by sorting your data by columns or doing a find search. By verifying data during data entry you not only keep lists current but you reduce adding duplicate contacts as well.

  1. Keep Your Data Fresh

All databases degrade over time. Some estimate that data degrades at an average of 5% or more each year. This is due to factors such as contacts changing email addresses, clients contacts dropping out of the picture or contacts moving on to different opportunities or moving locations.  To keep your data fresh remove all emails that have bounced or opted-out and update contact addresses when receiving your returned to sender direct mailings. Not only is this a good practice for keeping your data fresh, but it also helps keep you out of spam folders and lowers return to sender rates.

  1. Implement Consistent Data Entry

Ensure that all employees are aware of your company-wide data entry standards. By standardizing data entry company-wide, the databases will stay current and clean. When inputting each customer record make sure to have first and last names, mailing addresses, and email addresses in separate columns. That way, when you do the three-point check, contacts will be easy to find in your database.

  1. Organizing Column Fields

When organizing your data make sure that each column has an appropriate header and that addresses are broken up so that suites and floors all have their own column. For example:

123 ABC Road, 4th Floor should not look like this in one column

Address Address
123 ABC Road, 4th Floor (Wrong)
123 ABC Road                 (Wrong)

4th Floor

123 ABC Road                 (Correct) 4th Floor                         (Correct)

When in doubt double check with your printer to see how they would like your data separated for mail and variable processing. The cleaner the data the better. Also avoid adding carriage returns and unnecessary spacing to your lists, both of these can cause errors in mail processing and variable data processing, if there are extra spaces in areas of your data the spaces will show in the finished printed product as well. Remember your list will print exactly as processed. For example:

First Name Last Name
John Q.(space) Sample


The finished product will look like this:    John Q.     Sample

The highlighted section represents extra tailing spacing at the end of the first name when a list has extra spaces and is processed those spaces will appear when printed.

I hope that these five tips help you in your data cleansing endeavors and if you would like more information on how Premier can help you, please email us at

Written by Donna Moulton

Direct Mail It’s Science

Friday, May 26th, 2017

“Neuromarketing research shows physical advertisements have a pronounced effect on consumer decision-making”-USPS

Neuromarketing combines multiple disciplines including neuroscience and psychology and is being used to answer questions about marketing, consumer behavior, and advertising. Recently the USPS worked with Temple University to explore how customers perceived and engaged with physical and digital marketing advertisements. They used 3 types of measurement: eye tracking, core biometrics and functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Eye tracking: Works by using a camera and infrared technology monitor you eye movements speed and duration of attention. This test tracks visual attention

Core Biometrics: Works by placing sensors on fingertips that measure heart rate, skin conductance (sweat) and motion respiration. This test gauges the depth of emotional engagement.

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: This scanner works by measuring the brains change in oxygenated blood flow to show what parts of the brain are activated during a task or experience. This test pinpoints specific deep-brain activity beyond surface cognitive function (think empathy and reward)

The below chart shows each factor:

What did we learn?

  • When viewing physical ads including direct mail, participants had a stronger emotional response and remembered details better.
  • Physical ads were found to be slower to get one’s attention at first glances, but they leave a longer lasting impact for easy recall when making a buying decision.
  • Digital ads will capture attention quicker, but for longer lasting impact a physical mail-piece is the superior option that could lead to future purchases.

Let us know what you think of this new service

Offset & Digital Press Specifications

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017










When designing for print it is generally a good rule of thumb to keep in mind the type of stock and method of printing you would like to use for your printed piece. Depending on the stock thickness or size of your piece it may or may not fit the print method you have in mind. To help you better understand printing press specifications we have created a short list of some of our most popular presses. For example here are the specs for our newest press:

HP T230 Inkjet Web press Printer:

Paper Thickness: 16# Text to 7pt Cover

Maximum Web Width: 20.50” roll

Maximum Image Area: 19.62“ x 72.00”

Minimum Web Width: 12.36“ roll

No Print Border: 0.875”

Click HERE to be directed to our Resources & Support area of our site to view the rest of our offset and digital press specifications.

For more information on how Premier can help email us at Better yet, send us some examples of your current work and we will provide ideas for effective enhancements and redesign at no cost!

Better Golf Tournaments

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Golf tournaments are a proven way to appreciate your customers, thank your employees, or raising money for charities and non profits. There are many factors involved in making the tournament a success. These include:

  1. Promoting your event  – advertising, marketing, direct mail, sponsor packets, networking
  2. Prizes and give-aways (your tournament will be judged by the quality)
  3. 50/50 raffles and other contests
  4. Sponsor signs (4 color signs shows class)
  5. Tee signs, dinner banners, step and repeat backdrops

Golf Tournament Signs 5Of course the key is a social and hardworking committee.  Stay in touch with your golfers and supporters all year to ensure future success of your tournament.


Premier can help you with our golf tournament solutions. Call us for:

  • Banners
  • Hole Sponsor Signs
  • Promotional Give-aways
  • Wearables
  • Flyers, Posters, Save the Date Cards

2015 save the date card premiergolf-products premierumbrella

For The Holidays …

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

To all of our customers, employees, vendors, partners and friends,

Best wishes for a happy new year filled with health, happiness, and spectacular success.



Thank You

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015


We are always happy when Thanksgiving is approaching, because this wonderful holiday affords us the opportunity
to thank all of our customers.

This past year has been good to us, and we thank you our customers for your patronage and for allowing us to be of service to you.

In addition, we are grateful for all of our partners, vendors and friends who have made this year one our best.

Premier thanks you!

An Industry Update

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

The industry of printing and mailing has shown growth over the last year that hasn’t been seen since 2007!

So where is all the growth coming from?

According to NAPL’s State of the Industry Report, written by Chief Economist Andrew D. Paparozzi, the highest growth is coming from:

  1. Direct Mail
  2. Packaging
  3. Wraps/Banners
  4. Promotion (other than direct mail)
  5. Display/POP Advertising

After analyzing contributions from over 300 industry participants, the NAPL (now called Epicomm) report goes on to describe the processes in our industry that have the most growth potential in the next 3 years.  Tops on the list:

  1. Digital Printing: Variable Content
  2. Digital Printing: Static Content
  3. Inkjet
  4. Sheet Fed Lithography


Printers and marketers agree that the success of any program is ability of solutions providers to partner with customers to create measurable value and ROI.

Companies will be looking to use these products and services in combination and/or with other digital strategies in order to maximize their targeting and communication efforts.

Just a little snow…

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Premier will be closed on Tuesday, January 27th due to inclement weather.

Please be safe and stay warm.


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