Inserting & Mailing

Rather than receiving printed materials from us and managing distribution themselves, many of Premier Graphics’ clients rely upon us as their fulfillment and mailing center. We distribute and manage materials in large quantities (from the hundreds to the millions annually) for customers in the U.S. and internationally. In-house mailing and fulfillment services not only save our clients precious time, but also help improve cost control.
Premier has a complete solution for all of your mailing needs. We provide automated high-speed insertion of reply cards, marketing inserts, and envelopes. Our services include:
  • NCOA (National Change of Address) and CASS Certification of your mail
  • Intelligent Inserting
  • Intelligent Mail Bar-coding and Presorting
  • Accumulate and Fold Inserting
  • 6x9 and 9x12 Inserting
  • Match Mailing
  • Ink jetting and Wafer Sealing
As a USPS Business Partner, we: 
  • Help clients take advantage of lower postage rates through:
    1. Mail-piece design assistance
    2. Enhancement of mailing lists
    3. Advice on the use of automated first class and standard mail
    4. Process all of our mail files through postage software for maximum discounts
    5. Assistance in the use of automated postage-affixing methods including preprinted permit indicia and metering
    6. Deliver to multiple USPS locations as needed

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