FTP Instructions

Downloading and Uploading to the Premier FTP:
 Downloading FileZilla

Watch the video to the right to learn how to download, install and connect to our ftp. You should have, by now,  been provided with your unique user name and password from your project manager here at Premier. Continue reading below for additional  written directions.

1. Click this link: “FileZilla" to download and install the FTP software
2. FileZilla will display two options to download, chose “FileZilla” on the right side 

3. Once the file has downloaded open the .exe file and follow the install instructions – Agree to terms, for the next options you can customize them or continue choosing next. These options in order are: User permissions, Install components (click desktop icon when installing the program so you can access the program straight from your desktop), Install location and Shortcut name. Once these options are completed click next to finish the software installation.

4. Once the install window closes open FilaZilla and in the Host: area in the top left of the program window type in: ftps.premieruplink.com.

Next enter your username and password which will be given to you by your project manager (these credentials are case sensitive).

Then enter 22 in the Port area and click Quickconnect to connect to our secure FTP client

5. For more information on installing FileZilla Please view the video on the right for the install steps from start to finish.




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